Local Governments

HelpyNet is an emergency and call-in service: an app to keep in touch, so we can get or give information, as well as provide help. In any situation. / Any time.

  • If HelpyNet is available in your area, you can connect the inhabitants thru this app with organizations and expert services working in the background.
  • In case of any emergency call or call-in you can give local and immediate help, as well as receive notification on problems before they escalate to a real danger.
  • The HelpyNet expert team, in other words, the local safety net makes a quiet and safe life possible.
How it works

Use your browser to enter the HelpyNet Central Control System (CCS), which is set up to your needs, to get in continuous touch with the residents of your area.

Encourage your residents to use the HelpyNet app, to make their life more liveable and safe in the residential area.

Get in touch with the residents: inform them, notify them, help them, take care of issues so they can feel safer.

This new, innovative technology (mobile tracing, GPS) optimizes disposition and dispatch: the system gives the fastest, best possible solution every time to the residents.

Price of service: By custom agreement.